Puck Line Betting Explained / Effective NHL Puck Line Betting Strategies

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Learn all about NHL Puck Lines directly from a professional sports betting expert – Joseph Falchetti. He offers you his best tips and strategies for this type of wager.

Puck lines are essentially a spread betting variant of NHL wagering and are a direct cousin of MLB runlines. There are times when betting the puck line makes more sense than taking the moneyline, or making a totals bet on a hockey game.

NHL Puck line betting is a point spread where the odds are typically +/- 1.5. If you know how to use them, they can be a great NHL betting strategy by themselves.

Our sports betting experts share their exclusive knowledge with you on:

0:00 What is puck line
2:16 When to bet the puck line
3:19 NHL Puck Line Betting Strategies

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