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Quinton Singleton, COO at Bet.Works sat down with us at the Play+ Media Booth — G2E 2019 — and discussed the expansion of online betting across existing and newly regulated jurisdictions across the US, and how if anything moves forward in the DOJ Wire Act could affect that in the long run.
Some of the topics we tackled in this interview:
✅ Where do you see the future of the casinos?
✅ The trend of moving from land-based to digital casinos
✅ Creating seamless player experience between online, mobile and land-based casino
✅ Expansion of gaming from Las Vegas to the rest of the world
✅ Will DOJ interfere with what states are doing?
✅ What kind of technology do you foresee in the future of gaming?
…and much more!

Watch video to learn more.

Thank you to Jan Jeffcoat and Sightline CEO and Founder Kirk Sanford for sharing our story, as filmed on location at Global Gaming Expo – G2E 2019 in Las Vegas.

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