Meet The Experts: Gianni The Greek | Sports Betting | Blackjack Strategy | UFC and MMA Handicapping

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Sports Betting Tips, UFC, and MMA handicapping, steam moves, crooked NBA refs and blackjack strategy is all part of this episode of "Meet the Experts" with the Prez as Gianni the Greek is the special guest today.

Who is Gianni the Greek?

Known in the sports betting industry as Ace, Vegas-Runner, & Gianni the Greek, professional sports bettor & handicapper Gianni Karalis is one of the most esteemed movers in Las Vegas for over 20 years. VR broke into the industry as a bookmaker in Philadelphia in the late 1980s and by the mid-90’s he was moving steam with the most profitable and respected betting syndicates at that time. Information was not as readily available back then and the multiple wiseguys they bet for won at a rate unimaginable even by today’s sharpest groups.

Ace started out stationed as a runner at the Stardust Race & Sports Book which at the time was the center of the universe for sports betting. They took pride in putting out the opening lines for everything and were willing to take a nice sized bet even from the sharpest of bettors. His job was to wait for "buy orders" that came via two-way radios and then get down as much money as possible at the desired price. Eventually, the offshore sportsbook industry exploded and the game was changed forever on how wiseguys used betting syndicates to get their action down.

There are very few bettors in Ace’s position, with access to respected and profitable wiseguys & betting syndicates daily. There are very few bettors with the experience and knowledge to determine "set-ups", "numbers moves", & "middle attempts" from "REAL MOVES" as VR can. And there are even fewer bettors with those abilities who are willing to share it, as Gianni does.

From the most seasoned and big bettors to the newest and smaller ones, Gianni will tell you with certainty what the most profitable bettors in every sport have the most money on every day…making you a mathematical certainty to be in the 1% of bettors who win long-term.

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