Handicappers, touts, pick sellers, should you buy picks from online handicappers? In a word: No

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Whether you win or lose with the picks you buy from a tout or handicapper they have already won while you haven’t increased your chances of winning your sports bet. Josh Appelbaum, author of The Everything Guide to Sports Betting, takes a look at this shady industry and why you should stay away. Don’t believe what you see on the internet (except for this of course). The whale play, lock of the day, guaranteed winner, whatever they call it there is a very good chance it’s just a reason to take your money. The worst example is the practice of splitting the games – where a tout sends half their members one side of the game and the other half gets the other side so the tout wins either way and half of the members are guaranteed to win and lose. Josh gives plenty of examples and reasons to stay away from these hucksters. On a related note VSiN doesn’t sell picks, but we do provide insights and analysis on sports betting 24/7/365 to help you become a better bettor – visit VSiN.com to find out more

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