College Football Betting Tips | Power Ratings and Handicapping Strategy

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College Football Betting Tips: Kelly Stewart sits down with Ralph Michaels to go over what goes into making your own football power ratings to help improve your handicapping. The duo also goes over Ralph’s 2020 College Football Spring Guide that is 100% complimentary just by going to his page at WagerTalk. Some of the information included:

🏈 2020 College Football Spring Guide

1. Recruiting Rankings
2. Returning Starters for 2019 & 2020.
3. All Record and Stats from Conference Play
4. Seasonal Stats and Strength of Schedule.
5. WagerTalk EXCLUSIVE: Number of Players that Started for Each Team.
6. WagerTalk EXCLUSIVE. Breakdown of Started by Class. LY
7. ATS (against the spread) and O/U (over/under)
9. Head Coach, OC (offensive coordinator) & DC (defensive coordinator) for this Season.

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