Bet on NBA – Tips and Strategies

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NBA betting is an exciting way to ball out, but you need to know the basics before you hit the virtual court! In this video, we cover a number of NBA betting strategies, along with helpful examples. The bet types included are spreads, moneylines, totals, futures, props, parlays, buying points, and live betting. Once you know the basics and how to read the numbers, then you can understand payout structures and you’ll be ready to check in to the game.

You get advice on when to be picking the “underdogs” vs “favorites.” You’ll be able to bet on a straight up winner instead of a spread. You’ll be able to assess the wager vs reward. You’ll learn how to be betting on combined scores and props that will let you bet on almost anything related to basketball. We’ll cover the famous parlays that lets you get mega payouts if you pick the right bets.

We’re about to jump ball over at Bovada, and someone’s going to make bank. Be there!

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